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Summer Benefit Concerts-The Results!

To Our GAMS Members and Friends,

The Gulf Aquarium and Marine Station (GAMS) recently held two benefit concerts, the last week of July to raise money for the purchase or lease , or building of a permanent home for our growing organization. The first, held July 24th, featured a myriad of musicians and dancers and was headlined by Ashley MacIsaac. Many of the more than 800 people attending told us on the way out that they hope we do this again! Later that week Ashley again donated his talents to GAMS and its work by organizing a performance with world renowned piano composer Philip Glass, singer Zach Glass, and guitarist and composer Scott MacMillan. It was a more intimate affair, held at the Normaway Inn in Margaree for about 50 invited guests. Together the concerts grossed $18,321.72 with a net profit of $11,671.99!

We thank all our volunteers for their invaluable work, the musicians for their incredible generosity and flexibility, as well as the community, and friends from all over who came to support GAMS. We thank Cheticamp artist Yvette Muise and GAMS members for their immense efforts in organizing these events. We will keep you informed of our progress in developing a Marine Station for the Gulf of St Lawrence! Thank you for your continuing support.

Gretchen Noyes-Hull
GAMS President

P.S. Because GAMS has not been able to acquire a suitable building at the present time, the profits have been deposited in GAMS's savings account until we can lease, purchase, or build a permanent home.

**Update: We now have a permanent home in Grand Etang! See the GAMS homepage for more details!