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"Don't let toxic liquids, such as oil, fuel, or paint, enter storm drains. Remember, the ocean begins at your front door!"

Gulf Marine Centre

The Gulf Marine Centre to be built in Grand Etang will combine live exhibits and interactive displays, a research lab, and community meeting space. Combining these three components will create a space that is valuable to the people living and working in Grand Etang year round while also attracting new visitors and scientists to the area.

The design of the Gulf Marine Centre was completed in January,  2014 and is the result of much hard work, dedication, creativity, and expertise! GAMS is very excited to share the vision we are working towards in the illustrations below!
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

To see a detailed floor plan for the Centre, click here!

We offer our sincere thanks to this fantastic team of design experts for all their hard work in developing the Gulf Marine Centre design! It is truly a work of art, and we are immensely excited to continue working toward making it a reality!

How the design came to b

A request for proposals for the design of the centre was released to several architectural firms in late August 2013 (read the RFP here!), and we received several excellent responses!

In October 2013, GAMS entered into an agreement with Trifos Design Consultants, MCarroll Consulting, and Tenji Inc. for the design of our Gulf Marine Centre in Grand Etang.

Trifos Design Consultants
Trifos is an architectural and interior-design firm based in Sydney, NS which has been in operation for 12 years. Trifos has been behind a number of notable projects in recent years, including the revamping of the Sydney Marine Terminal ("The Big Fiddle"), expansions to Cape Breton University and NSCC, and the Sydney MInes Community Centre.

Tenji Inc.
Tenji Inc. is a team of experts in designing and building aquatic exhibits. Tenji's past projects include everything from museum exhibits to research labs to private aquariums, and their creative designs yield results you have to see to believe. Their extensive experience and expertise in both biology and architecture makes Tenji a perfect partner for the design of the Marine Centre.

MCarroll Consulting
MCarroll Consulting is a business agency based in Nova Scotia which has participated in a variety of projects in Atlantic Canada. With focus areas that include museum and interpretive centre design, marketing, and collaboration, we think that MCarroll Consulting will be a valuable asset to the Marine Centre design team.