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"Wash your car on your lawn instead of your driveway. The dirt and plants help filter the soapy water. Remember, the ocean begins at your front door!"

Current Opportunities


Summer Camp

GAMS is seeking volunteers aged 15 or older to help out with our Marine Explorer Summer Camp! The camp lasts for 5 days, with two 3-hour periods per day of activities. Duties include:
  • Setting up the camp location before each set of campers arrives
  • Supervising children during indoor and outdoor activities
  • Assisting with clean-up after individual activities and at the end of each day

No prior experience is necessary! To learn more about this opportunity, contact GAMS at!


Community Aquatic Monitoring Program (C.A.M.P.)

CAMP is a DFO program in which citizens, with the help of a guide from the DFO, sample and identify the organisms of their local harbour. CAMP is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the critters living in your local waters and to monitor the health of the harbour!

  • Sampling begins at 10am and lasts until approximately 1-2pm (time varies depending on number of volunteers and number of animals caught)
  • No prior experience is necessary; the DFO guide will help with identification and sampling procedures!
  • Science gets messy sometimes, so be prepared to get wet!
  • This opportunity is most suitable for adults, but children are welcome to participate

For event dates, see the Upcoming Events page. Join us at 10am in the parking lot of the Cheticamp Co-Op!

There are no employment opportunities at this time. Please check again later.

If you would like to volunteer with any of our projects, please contact us :)